Sunday, February 21, 2010

730/365 Update: Day 52

We are getting our new furniture on Thursday, so the Salvation Army is doing a pick up on Tuesday. I found some more little stuff to get rid of:


#113-#154: 42 VHS tapes. At one point we were collecting the Disney Movies before we were even married. Now that we know "the Disney Vault" is opened every few years, the rush to buy even the silly ones is just not there. Plus, my kids are now 9 and 11. They don't do cartoons, or at the very most, we will rent the newest kids' movie from Blockbuster and watch it once. The last kids' movie we got was UP, and I think that was a gift.


#155-#157: Three Muffy Vander Bears

#158 & #159: Two other bears that are family members of Muffy.

#160-#162: Three Cameras. This is amazing because we got rid of three, and I still have two that I regularly use. The boys each have their own camera as well. One of them was an Advantix camera, with the funny looking rolls of film.


#163-#164: Two Camera carrying cases.

So, with 164 items out, and 52 days gone by, we are averaging well over 3 items per day. Ahead of Pace!!!!

I will post pictures, of the bears, cameras and videos, as well as the new furniture after Thursday.

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