Sunday, February 14, 2010

The pictures as promised

Here are the "before" and "in process" pictures that I took a while ago. I have since covered some more areas of the house. Will post some more "in process" pictures, as nothing is actually finished yet. I'm taking the approach of spending a certain amount of time (one week) on each area of the house. Once the week is over, it's time to move on, I'll hit the same area again in about 6 weeks. J


This is my "it's leaving table" . Unfortunately, I had already purged a lot of stuff before I ever picked up the camera. This pile is mostly from the boys' rooms, which they did all on their own. Notice how many board games we are getting rid of.

I wish I got credit for these four. These actually came from my parents' house. I told them I was doing a big donation for community service through the University. They went through their closets and came up with four bags. J

This is my catch all room. A lot of progress has been made as of this picture. When I first started decluttering, I couldn't open the door all the way. This is the room where I found all of the Christmas presents and stocking stuffers that I had forgotten about. The room still needs more work, and I have houseguests who will be staying in it come the beginning of May!

The closet of my dungeon. I don't decorate for any holidays but Christmas, but apparently I have quite the collection of pumpkins. Once again, these pictures are "in progress" and loads better than when I first walked into the room. The old cheerleader uniforms and my wedding dress are in there, not quite ready to part with the yet.


From Left to right: the spare bathroom, under the sink. This is an in process picture after I cleaned out a bunch or magazines and containerized the supplies

Dining room table. We had some birthday celebration and the remanants of the celebration were still on the table.

This is the Ottoman of the couch that is my corner. I put my make up on in the morning while watching the morning news. I also have my laptop in my corner where I do lots of work while watching TV.

This is the floor of the family room. Even the dog has her clutter. She pulls out all of her toys and then chews the green fuzz off her tennis balls. I just had to take a picture of her mess. Normally we don't let her keep her mess strewn all over.

The kitchen counter. This is a tough one. It's the landing pad when I come home. I'd like to make the landing pad in the laundry room, but I need to clear off the counter first.


There's still SO MUCH TO DO.

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